Airopod STRAIN Cherry AK .5g Vape Cartridge- Sativa


Airopod STRAIN Cherry AK .5g Vape Cartridge- Sativa

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Electrify your mind, lift your consciousness, and stay focused and motivated with Cherry AK, Airo Brands Strain Series Sativa AiroPod cartridge.

Stimulate your mind with Airo Brands’ Strain Series Cherry AK. Cherry AK is a Sativa that keeps you focused and engaged in whatever adventure you’re about to embark on. Whether it be an outdoor concert, a hike, or activating your creative side, Cherry AK will electrify your mind with enthusiasm. As you inhale, taste sweet berry and fruit from dominant terpenes Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene. As you exhale, feel your consciousness lift and enliven with motivation.

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