Gage .5g Sweet Tartz CO2 Vape Cartridge- Hybrid


Gage .5g Sweet Tartz CO2 Vape Cartridge- Hybrid

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Float away with Sweet Trtz! This strain may hit hard and fast after the finish, enveloping the mind in a deep excitement that accelerates into an elevated state of joy. As the mind elevates, the body may start to float off into a completely relaxed mood that, if the dosage is not carefully handled, could be mildly sedative. Sweet Trtz (also known as “Sugar Tart”) is a hybrid medical marijuana strain, created by crossing Purple Tai x Afghani x ATF. Each inhalation from Sweet Tartz buds has a sweet and sour fruity berry flavor, followed by a spicy, earthy finish. The aroma is of berries and fuel with an overtone of earthy pine that is simultaneously sweet and peppery.
Medical marijuana patients may choose Sweet Trtz to help relieve symptoms associated with chronic stress, appetite loss or nausea, chronic pain, and depression.

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