Glass Pipe Screens


Glass Pipe Screens

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Move over metal screens – glass pipe screens are here to stay! These smoking pipe screens are leading the way as the new go-to for screens. Whether you use it as a bong screen or pipe screen, the glass screens will add overall bonuses to your smoking experience. Did we mention they are adorable? Typically glass screens come in a Flower style (five points that look like petals) or a Jack style (three points). They are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Let’s get into everything you need to know about these screens!
How to use pipe screens
Luckily these glass pipe screens are easy to use! Let’s go through step-by-step how to use them accurately, safely, and functionally.
1. When picking up the chosen glass pipe screen, you need to make sure you hold it stem down and the broader part of the screen up.
2. The next step is inserting the stem into the bowl’s opening (at the bottom in the center of the bowl).
3. Make sure that the top of the glass screen is lying as flat as the design allows at the bottom of the bowl.
4. Let the smoking commence!