Simply Herb Mandarin Zkittles Shake 7g- Hybrid


Simply Herb Mandarin Zkittles Shake 7g- Hybrid

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Genetics: California Black Rosé X Ethos’ Mandarin Sunset

Simply Herb flower delivers fresh, aromatic full nugs for optimal cannabinoid content and smoking experience. | Let’s keep it simple. A good time doesn’t have to come at a high cost. Simply Herb is the smart choice for daily smokers and their friends. Good weed at a great price.

Crossing Dying Breed’s California Black Rosé and Ethos’ Mandarin Sunset, this eye-catching strain has unique and beautiful purple, black, and red buds. Its dense, resinous buds have a low leaf-to-flower ratio, making Mandarin Zkittlez an excellent choice for extraction. Buds are flavor-packed with grape, grapefruit, spice, and orange notes that will leave any smoker smiling after the first hit.

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