The Essence Flower 3.5g Orange Soda- Hybrid


The Essence Flower 3.5g Orange Soda- Hybrid

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An expansive collection of both novel and timeless genetics on regular rotation, harvested and cured for optimal taste, aroma and experience. (the) Essence genetics are carefully selected, bred and pheno-hunted by a team of local master growers to deliver hand-crafted quality, consistency and variety.

Taking after its parents Sour Diesel and Mandarina, Orange Soda produces large colas with a sweet, citrus small that tastes reminiscent of Fanta Orange soft drinks. Orange Soda is a perfect daytime strain – expect a boost of uplifted focus and energy followed by a mellow, sedative effect that sparks creativity.

Lineage: Sour Diesel x Mandarina

Type: Hybrid

Effects: Focus, Creativity, Relaxation

Flavors: Citrus, Tangy, Zesty

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