Tyson Bites 10 Pack 100mg Black Raspberry- Hybrid


Tyson Bites 10 Pack 100mg Black Raspberry- Hybrid

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Tyson 2.0’s wildly anticipated ear-shaped gummy edibles have arrived! Coming in at 10MG per gummy and with flavors of Black Raspberry the hybrid edibles are the perfect on-the-go choice! We promise they’ll taste better than the real thing…. or at least that’s what Mike tells us. Tyson 2.0 is a premier cannabis company formed by legendary boxer, entrepreneur, and icon Mike Tyson. Tyson Ranch’s mission is to produce innovative, high-quality cannabis products known for purity, precision, and wide accessibility. In Mike’s words, “Cannabis has always played an important role in my life. Cannabis has changed me for the good both mentally and physically, and I want to share that gift with others who are also seeking relief.”