9.5″ Three-Armed Jade Glass Water Pipe


9.5″ Three-Armed Jade Glass Water Pipe

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9.5″ glass water pipe with three jade arms and blue crescent percolator. Height: 10 inches Weight: 334 grams Includes: 14mm joint.
This water pipe features a thick, multi-color glass design, with several tubes traveling throughout the interior and exterior of the piece. It is easy to lose track of the flow of smoke if you’re not paying attention.
Smoke enters the bong through a fixed down stem and is immediately filtered through a multi-slit inline percolator. As you continue to pull, the main chamber is filled with smoke, it is then that the recycler goes to work, with water and smoke filtered through all of the tubes in the bong until it eventually travels up through the bent neck mouthpiece for a smooth hit.

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